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Q&A Forum
Q&A Forum
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David Schmidt
Contributing Editor, Credit Today
In recent conversations, several credit managers have raised concerns about price increases and their effect on customers. We are hearing that despite increasing prices on multiple occasions, customers have been reluctant to raise their own prices for fear of losing business. The obvious fear is that these customers, now with lower gross margins, are now more susceptible to negative economic events, especially in their local economy. Here's the issues for your consideration: If your company has been raising prices, what has been your customers' reactions? Do you see rising prices as causing an increase in credit risk in your AR... (More)
With the pandemic, we have experienced slow mail no mail and employees working remotely. Is anybody attempting to move as many customers as possible to electronic invoicing and ACH payment?

If so, would someone have a letter to share that explains the need to move toward ACH or other forms of e-payments?

Q&A Forum
Partner Marketing, Highako Academy

Anyone here using an online portal?

Is anyone using an online portal for their customers (Trade) to view their accounts, pay bills, etc.? Specifically, one that integrates with JDE? Please let me know as I am currently doing some research to propose this to our IT team.