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Credit Limit and Scoring
Credit Limit and Scoring
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Partner Marketing, Highako Academy

Do you guys send new versions of Credit Application to already established customers?

When you have a newversion’ of a credit application do you send it out to your already established customers to complete it? Or do you just provide it to your new customers you are onboarding?

What ripple effect... (More)

Need your help

I am currently using DNBi, but am interested in other software ideas for scoring both a portfolio and also individual deals (perhaps a million dollars or higher). 

Suggestions? Pros & cons?

Creditsafe or D&B?

Good morning,

Looking for some feedback on experience with CreditSafe and D&B. Whose data did you feel was better in the following areas:

  1. Small size companies
  2. Medium-size companies
  3. Did you find one was better in specific industries?
  4. Linking parent companies... (More)
What is the best instrument to determine if a customer will make a great borrower?