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Credit Limit and Scoring
Credit Limit and Scoring
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Is Credit Insurance worth the cost?

Hello, fellow esteemed Credit Managers!

I was recently tasked with finding out more about credit insurance.

My company uses it in Europe and they don’t understand why we don’t here in the US. So, what I am looking for is... (More)

David Schmidt
Contributing Editor, Credit Today

Is there a good way to track A/R payment misapplications?

Good Morning!

We recently centralized our AR & AP team into a Shared Service Center. As a credit manager, we are always watching (or praying) for money to come in and then ensuring it’s applied correctly.

With our new... (More)

Best Practices Series: Establish Comprehensive Credit Controls to Minimize Vulnerabilities

Credit risk has two dimensions: late payment and non-payment. But, other factors also influence risk, most importantly gross profit margins and your firm's tolerance for risk. Automated systems allow you to adjust for these factors across the entire order-to-cash process,... (More)

Does anyone have a Sample letter changing payment terms on a customer to prepaid/COD due to their current financial position?

We have a customer who without a doubt will be filing bankruptcy soon. We have pending orders and I will not ship them on terms due to their current financial position. Does anyone have a Sample letter changing payment terms... (More)