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How do we validate online credit applications?

I am working to develop an online credit application and have hit a stumbling block. We send a lot of accounts to third-party collections and eventually to court/litigation. Our current app provides a physical signature for both the terms and... (More)


How Do You Handle Deposits from Customers Without Credit?

We have a customer who does not qualify for credit privileges with our company. They are proposing that they give us a "deposit" that would cover about three of their shipments, thereby allowing the product to move smoothly. They would... (More)

Best Practices Series: Establish Comprehensive Credit Controls to Minimize Vulnerabilities

Credit risk has two dimensions: late payment and non-payment. But, other factors also influence risk, most importantly gross profit margins and your firm's tolerance for risk. Automated systems allow you to adjust for these factors across the entire order-to-cash process,... (More)