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Someone commented 4 months ago
Every dollar tied to an unpaid invoice is another dollar not going back into your business. 🚀 😄

Credit teams, therefore, need financial instruments like promissory notes to make their customer payment behavior go from slow to Woah! ⏱️
Akshat liked a month ago

Collection analysts are often faced with the uphill task of swiftly retrieving receivables before they depreciate. Collections are hence significant, and so is upskilling along with the job.

Collectors are the preservatives that keep A/R fresh 
Collectors are the preservatives that keep A/R fresh 
Someone liked 5 months ago

If anyone in the group is experiencing payment delays, can you share how you are handling this? 💳🧾

Has anyone been experiencing customer non-payment excuses from the COVID-19 outbreak? We just received our first one stating the AP staff is out of the office with an unknown return date due to the virus.

Any guidelines anyone can... (More)