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Someone commented 8 days ago
My question is regarding Wal-Mart's settlement process. Does anyone have information on the change to Wal-Mart's “settlement” process? This is the process used to resolve our open disputes (primarily shortages). We have been waiting for over six months for a... (More)
Someone commented 8 days ago
I am working on some benchmarking and trying to determine if our collectors are handling a similar number of accounts as other companies. If you would not mind sharing the average number of accounts your collectors are assigned, we would... (More)
Arijeet replied 8 days ago

If anyone in the group is experiencing payment delays, can you share how you are handling this? 💳🧾

Has anyone been experiencing customer non-payment excuses from the COVID-19 outbreak? We just received our first one stating the AP staff is out of the office with an unknown return date due to the virus.

Any guidelines anyone can... (More)

Arijeet replied 8 days ago
Partner Marketing, Highako Academy

Do you guys send new versions of Credit Application to already established customers?

When you have a newversion’ of a credit application do you send it out to your already established customers to complete it? Or do you just provide it to your new customers you are onboarding?

What ripple effect... (More)